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Squirrel Maternity Season

Twice each year is squirrel maternity season: spring and fall.  Born in your attic, it will be approximately 17 weeks before the babies are weened, able and willing to leave on their own.  They will be leaving to find food and return to their attic nest. Of the six common attic dwellers (raccoons, opossums, feral cats,rats, bats and squirrels), the squirrel can be counted on to do the most damage to your attic.  Gnawing is a common trait of all rodents. Where the rat commonly nibbles, the squirrel just bites!  Wood, wiring, duct work and waterlines are all at risk.

The above expectant mother (note the swell in the belly) is checking out what used to be an entry to the nest she started to build.  Sorry honey, find some other place for your nursery.  Thanks to Larry C. for the photo.

Is expanding foam a reliable animal barrier?

All by itself, expanding foam cannot be trusted to keep out rats, squirrels or raccoons. The rodents belong to a family that includes the beaver. They can bite through things that would break human teeth. Once one of them is into the attic and a raccoon happens by and smells food at the hole in the cured foam, the raccoon easily removes the rest of it.

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