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Ladies Only, Please

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Ladies Only, Please

Dear Madam,

As we both know, the Lord of the Manor, in many cases would be quite content with being the Lord of any old cave. It is with this factor in mind that I write to you, the Lady of the Manor. Traditionally, ‘tis the Lady of the Manor who accepts the majority of responsibility of ensuring the home is a stable anchor for her family; a place of sanctuary; for relief, comfort, privacy and nurturing; a physical place to be safe from unwanted outside pressures and perils.

It is some of the unwanted outside pressures and perils I wish to address. For many years now, I have been actively removing animal invaders from homes–particularly the attics. The common attic dwellers and animal invasions are: rats, squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums and feral cats. I remove them and repair the house in a manner to prevent future entry.

There are some facts you should know:

  • Florida is a wildlife preserve—designated as such or not.
  • The above mentioned wildlife is more abundant in Suburbia than in the wild.
  • Some can cause serious damage to the house and terrible odors.
  • Common construction materials and practices provide entry points for the above.
  • The contractor, tradesman or handy man doesn’t know enough about the various animals to prevent entry i.e. the bats need but a 3/8 inch gap to enter, the rat; ½ inch, the squirrel will gnaw out any opening he can get his teeth on, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, most people remain blissfully unaware of the facts you now know. They don’t take any action until they have a problem. Ask around amongst your friends, relatives and associates and you will find many stories of animal invasion and the results. You will hear of being awakened in the night by scratching or scurrying or even squeaking or growling of an animal fight just a few feet above their heads, lights flickering inexplicably, burglar alarms sounding for no reason, horrific odors suddenly wafting through the house and even utility bills double or triple the previous bill. Some of these things were normal when people lived outside in a lean-to or tent; these animals are moving about on your roof day and night. It is just a matter of time before one finds an opening or weak spot and decides to share your nest to raise their young. Nothing inspires conversation at the dinner table like the sound of a raccoon chasing a squirrel across the ceiling above.

You do not have to experience these problems. I provide the:


The goal is to prevent animal intrusion of your home and violation of the sanctity of your family’s refuge.

The inspection includes: your attic, the exterior of your home, your roof, your soffitt, identification of any animals or confirmation of no animals, locating all existing openings and/or weak spots, communication of what needs to be done to secure these areas and all the pertinent knowledge of an Attic Wildlife Specialist to armor your home against animal intrusion.

When Animal Management of Brevard is engaged to armor your home; THE ATTIC WILDLIFE SECURITY INSPECTION is free and you will get the same specialist performing the work as did the inspection. No mis-communications between inspector and technician possible; and the work is guaranteed.


Arrange for your ATTIC WILDLIFE INSPECTION today by calling (321) 917-0437.

Your animal guy,

THE Attic Wildlife Specialist
Animal Management of Brevard

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  • Removal of snakes, bats, raccoons, feral cats, squirrels, rats etc. from the living quarters
  • Rescue of curious pets from structure of the home
  • Removal of dead animals and deodorize the area
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