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Nuisance Animal Removal Process

Brevard County Area Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Trapping Services

Animal Management of Brevard, LLC wants you to be fully aware of the process of removing unwanted animals from your home.  We want to inform you of the services and options for the animal removal process, and for safeguarding your home with dwelling proofing.  We get rid of them and keep them from coming back.


Attic animal wildlife removal checklistExamination

  1.  On-site discussion of symptoms with at least one resident
  2. Physical exam of the attic
  3. Physical exam of the exterior of the house (roof included)


  1. Identification of nuisance wildlife in the attic
  2. Location of entry point and any possible future entry points
  3. Answer questions about extant wildlife and their activity, i.e. raising babies, trying to get in the house, using attic as a port of opportunity, foraging, etc.

Treatment Protocol

Steps necessary to:

  1.  Evict the problem wildlife from the attic
  2. Close entry points to prevent future entry
  3. Regain your peace of mind


Options for Treatment

  1. No action required
  2. Instructions for self-handlling with on-call tech support
  3. The “Make Your Life Easy” and “Save You Time” option of engaging me to fully handle it for you with guaranteed results.


Price for the professional option can only be determined with completion of the examination and diagnosis. Just a few of the factors involved are: the animals involved, type and location of entry points, structure of the building, condition of the building, etc.


Here is something to keep in mind when seeking help:


  1. I won’t tell you something is in your attic if there isn’t
  2. I won’t try to scare you with false information requiring you to remove and replace your attic insulation
  3. If for some reason, I feel I cannot help you, I shall tell you so and why, I won’t pretend I can.


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