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Get rid of noises in the attic. Call Animal Management of Brevard.

Animal Management of Brevard, LLC –  Services

Animal Management of Brevard specializes in the removal of the common attic dwellers; raccoons, possums, feral cats, squirrels, rats and bats. Specialization results in proficient removal but more importantly, in more effective animal-proofing of the attic. As a result Animal Management of Brevard honors its warranties without question. Other species that live exclusively outside are referred to specialists competent in those fields.

other removal services:

  •     Dead animals and deodorize the area.
  •     Snakes and other animals that have made their way inside the house.
  •     Outside raccoons messing in the pool or causing other concern.
  •     Skunks and civets smelling up the environment.
  •     Pets trapped within the structure of the building.
  •     Animals from dryer vents.
  •     Animals already trapped by the home owner.

Folks often ask about the most unusual events.  Here are some examples.

A woman in Palm Bay  went to move her laundry from the washer to the dryer. The laundry room smelled strongly of skunk.  I took the dryer out into the yard and looked into the vent area.  Sure enough, a civet (cousin of the skunk with the same protective mechanism) was looking back at me. I got him out and sent him on his way.

A man in Viera  had seen the tail end of a snake entering his outside dryer vent.  Turned out there were two 4 foot long corn snakes in there.  One’s head was stuck in the blower fan and the other wouldn’t leave it.  I had to disassemble the dryer to extricate the snake. The Why was the dryer taking so long to dry clothes” question had been answered.

A family in Melbourne  had been missing their kitty for several days and it was constantly meowing apparently in a neighbor’s attic over the entry way.  One trapper told them there was no access to that part of the attic and set traps—no result.  The fire dept. was called out.  They said that area couldn’t be accessed and proposed cutting a big hole in the roof—option declined.  I, at first, assumed that area was inaccessible as well.  I decided to “look” instead of “assume” as everyone else had.  I had to crawl in the insulation but got into the area.  Their kitty was not there.  He was down inside the column supporting the entry way attic and roof.  Their kitty was happy to be rescued within 15 minutes of being located.

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Get rid of noises in the attic. Call Animal Management of Brevard.


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