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What People are Saying


Reggie is quite simply who you need to call if you have any kind of animal visiting (or permanently living) in your attic. He’s been doing this for a very long time and he is sure handed at identifying what has moved in and how to fix the problem. No sales pitch, no presentation – just a statement of the problem, a description of what he’s going to do, and a price … and he’s on it. I waited six months to write this review to make sure the problem was solved, it is. A nice bonus to doing business with Reggie is the dry sense of humor that goes along with the no BS approach.

Paul S. – Melbourne

Great service, very knowledgeable!

Chris H. – Cape Canaveral

Reggie appeared at my door about ½ hour after I called because we suspected a cat was living in our soffit and worried she was about to have kittens. He immediately determined that a raccoon, not a cat, had pushed in the original opening (a cat is neither heavy nor strong enough, he said), but we did see a cat going in. He also showed me evidence of a squirrel nest in another part of the soffit… We seem to have a regular zoo up there! He set a big trap on the roof and then a smaller one on the ground. While we never did catch any animal, Reggie closed off the opening and the problem seems to be solved. Reggie was polite and knowledgeable and determined to solve the problem, which he did. Thank you!

Cyndi C. – Melbourne

Great job, well done. Joan and I learned much about these attic invaders. Our Vet started on a vaccination series to protect our pets from the viruses that raccoons carry. Thanks again.

Larry & Joan T. – Melbourne

Reggie did a great job. He answered all of our questions and was very knowledgeable. He was able to come to our home in a timely matter to set raccoon traps as well as show up the next day to remove all 3 raccoons. Would definitely call him again.

Travis & Brookanne S. – Merritt Island

Reggie did an outstanding job of locating and cleaning out the squirrel’s nest in our soffit by chewing through the wood in our garage and then chewing through our stucco to get out. There were three baby squirrels.

Two got away after Reggie pulled them from the nest but he put the third baby in a 5 gallon bucket with the nest material and told us the mother would come back to get the baby, which she did. Reggie closed the two holes with wire mesh to keep her out until we can repair the stucco.

Reggie is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him!

Patty K. – Merritt Island

Reggie was very prompt, courteous and thorough. He was diligent in solving our raccoon issue. I would definitely recommend him and if the need arises, use his company again. Thank you, Reggie!

Debbie G. – Palm Bay

Reggie was punctual and very thorough. I would have no problem recommending him.

Jack D. – Indian Harbour Beach

I am sorry that I am late in telling your company that I liked your low key delivery while other companies were wanting to sell me long-term policies…I guess we Hoosiers are mostly honest-right?

Patsy W. – Melbourne

We heard scratching in our attic getting ready for work Tuesday morning. I called Reggie that day and he came out the next morning. He inspected my home and pinpointed where the squirrels(s) were getting in. He then sealed off the area where they were getting in as well as an adjacent area that they would likely go to since their original entry area was sealed off. I now have peace of mind that no more critters will be getting into my attic. Thank you Reggie!!!!

Robbin N. – Melbourne

I have had to use Reggie twice across about 10 years. The first problem was significant with animals in the attic and required a lot of remediation which Reggie promptly completed to my satisfaction. After getting a new roof I recently had an isolated problem. Reggie gave me perfect advice and the problem was once again quickly fixed. Reggie is extremely knowledgeable on the different behaviors of area pests and has much more direct experience than the people chain pest control companies would send to your house. Above all he is honest and reasonably priced. I would strongly recommend Animal Management of Brevard.

Larry C. – Indian Harbour Beach

Dear Reggie, We want to thank you for your very prompt response to our request for help regarding a possible animal in our attic. We were so impressed by your willingness to help, on a Sunday, no less! It was very thoughtful of you to offer your expert advice in avoiding animals in the attic in the future. We would certainly call on you again, and have given your name to all our neighbors. Best regards.

John and Virginia L. – Viera

You know how you find out that you have a dead rat in the attic?…you smell the body decomposing. If the body has been there a long time, you will see flies doing what they do in the attic. Ours was pretty fresh, so the smell was subtle at first, but quickly grew to unbearable.

My first indication was a new, unwelcome odor in a bedroom as we packed to move house. In denial at first I suppose. I assumed that I had disturbed some morsel of food left by one of our kids at some point in the distant past, now long forgotten. I moved everything out of the room that wasn’t a solid piece of furniture, searching each item for the evidence of the offensive odor. I mean everything….I even fooled myself into thinking that the odor was subsiding….the brain of a desperate man is a funny thing.

The next day, it was worse, an even more putrid smell….how could it get worse? Time to let the internet tell me what I was looking at. It didn’t take long. New plan, armed with a little bit of knowledge about dead rodents in the attic, and the possibility of having to cut a hole in the drywall, I ventured into the combat zone above our heads….ugh, pink insulation….is there anything I hate messing with more? I was looking for the how hanging fruit….maybe this rat had died and very conveniently decided to die in an easily accessible location….maybe flashing lights and a signpost that said “Look here”. Well, a desperate man is entitled to a little pipe dream here and there…

An hour in, my glasses fogged by sweat and dust, my clothes covered in pink insulation, insulation in all directions torn out, replaced, tucked under, in and over all sorts of trusses, wires and pipes, I had detected a faint odor, but nowhere near the same level as the odor in the bedroom….I declared defeat, embraced the humiliation and crawled out of the attic before I collapsed up there. (Imagine the blog post had I collapsed up there and l had to have been rescued by Fire/Rescue….Oh the humiliation!…..let’s not go there…..). Maybe it had gone inside the wall, and needed to be cut out? No, not my thing…..just not ready to go there.

I was resigned, resigned to accept that I had to call in a pro, take my medicine, pay through the nose and let somebody else reel this one in. Enter Animal Management of Brevard. So here I sat on a Sunday night, yes, a Sunday night….. Contract for the sale of my house in hand, the buyer’s inspector scheduled to arrive at 9:30 on Wednesday morning, and I had a dead rat smell slowly taking over my entire home…..it was panic hour. I call the number on the website in the hope that I could leave a voicemail, and be the first house call on Monday morning. Reggie answered. I was actually speechless, who answers the phone at a business on a Sunday evening at 5:45?

He arrived at the house by 6:30. After a quick inspection which I was certain would lead to cutting the drywall, he asked to access the attic. I helped orient him and followed him into the attic to help point him to the spot over the bedroom. As he was explaining to me how rats like to walk along the top of the AC ductwork, leaving tracks, he pulled up a piece of insulation….the first piece he touched…..literally! He wasn’t in the attic three minutes! “There he is”.

I know, the next question on your mind….He’s been in the house no more than 10 minutes, 3 of those in the attic, the dead rat is located, removed and the area deodorized….how fat was the check I had to write? Let me just say this….earlier in the day I had taken my bride and our daughters to dinner at the Hard Rock Café in Orlando, so dinner for four, drinks, appetizer, shared dessert….it cost less than I paid for that meal.

So let me take this moment to shout the praises of Reggie at Animal Management of Brevard. He is THE MAN! Thanks for riding to the rescue!

Tony A. – Merritt Island

Reggie was excellent. I called multiple competitors and felt he was the only one who knew exactly what needed to be done. It has been a couple of weeks and no more noises in the attic. Stop by for a coffee Reggie!

Matt B. – Rockledge

On July 25, we heard some small animal activity in our attic. Animal Management of Brevard had been recommended to us and the next morning we called Reggie about our problem. He was out here in less than an hour and began a total search in the searing heat.

Reggie was able to detect some history of activity when the house was owned by previous owners and that appeared to have been resolved. He inquired about the time of the noise and where it was located and believed it to have been a squirrel.

The squirrel was not up there at that time and Reggie sealed any opening through which a small animal could enter. And, he did a good job because we have not heard the scampering of tiny feet up there since Reggie was here.

Reggie left in the afternoon as the heat was really searing. But, he came back in the late afternoon and checked out our roof. While he was up there, he removed palm branches which were rubbing on our new roof. Said these would wear down the asphalt shingles. And this was not an extra charge.

We really appreciated Reggie’s attention to detail and definitely appreciated the extras.

Tom & Pat D. – Viera

We had a problem with a raccoon getting into the attic and had a previous problem with squirrels. I called Animal Management and left a message, the best part was that the call was quickly returned and Reggie was investigating the problem in less than ½ hour. In less than a week the problem was resolved and I was informed if I noticed any further “visits” from unwanted guests to call immediately for assistance. Due to the prior foam that was used to close off the entrance areas to the roof, there was quite a mess, but everything was cleaned up and not left lying around the yard.

I would recommend Animal Management of Brevard and was very pleased with the service and promptness of his work.

Jeff N. – Indian Harbour Beach

Animals caught the next week. Called & was out in 20 minutes! You’re the best Reggie!

Paula C. – Viera

Hey Reggie, I was very satisfied with the job you did for us. I can’t think of any negative feedback I can provide. You responded promptly to calls and texts; communicated with us regarding our situation, what needed to be done, how and when you were going to do it and stuck with the original quote that we agreed upon. I am sure our case was not a very difficult one for you; nonetheless I could tell you are a tenacious problem solver. You are not only knowledgeable regarding wildlife/animals but also construction and how to repair the damage that wildlife/animals may cause. Some of the other things I appreciate in dealing with you were that you were easy to be around, you didn’t try to sell us on anything and you cleaned everything up to where, aside from the raccoons being gone and repairs, I couldn’t even tell you had been here! Thank you for your service to us and for your service to our country!!

Marlee M. – Melbourne

I’m extremely thankful for the job Reggie did at my house. He responded in 1 day after I called him. I wish I’d called a month sooner! We had noise/pests in the attic and clear rat or mouse droppings in the garage. In one visit Reggie disposed of both. He also gave me a very fair price. I would certainly recommend Reggie to my family & friends!

Brandon T. – Melbourne

Review is all positive. He presented as an affable professional who immediately knew what was wrong and what to do about it!
Not only did he block the entry points for my critter (squirrel), he blocked my attic from the one connected to mine to prevent any migration from a neighbor’s attic.
He was confident in his ability to determine the problem and prevent it from happening again; as compared to a well-known company (******* ******) who immediately stated that they would not be able to guarantee their work because of the structure of the connected roofs and attics.
Reggie just happened to be next door or I would not have discovered his business. I don’t know what I would have done, because I know darn well that I wasn’t going to hire a company that immediately told me they could not guarantee their work! What kind of business is that?!
I have not had any other experience with critters in the attic, so I don’t know how comparable his prices are to others. I purchased a year contract.
As an aside, one day there was a squirrel in my garage. I immediately called Reggie and he was here in a heartbeat.
A final note; Reggie knows his critters, their habits, etc… which quickly enables him to come up with a plan to solve the problem.

Pam S. – Viera

Back in Jan-Feb this year, you gave me a tip over the phone on how to get rid of a rat in my office building. We followed your hint, opened our doors in the late evening and that rat ran right out!
Thank you for the good advice. You really do know how to get animals out of the attic. I wish I had heard of you before hiring ******* to handle the problem.

Bill J. – Melbourne

We are totally pleased with the job you did for us. We have heard stories of other peoples’ “rats in the attic” woes and the results were less than spectacular. You did a very thorough job, which we greatly appreciate. We feel confident that our rat and wild animal problems are at an end. We are very happy too that you caught the rats! We have had no rat noises since you caught those two. I do hear sounds on occasion but I think it is more a result of the oak tree dropping things on the roof and the house just creaking. No smells coming from the attic. I can’t think of any way you could improve your service. Thank you so very much for your help!

Sally W. – Viera

Thank you for helping us with our “noises in the attic.” We were not sure what was up there and had tried various things to fix the problem but we were not successful. You were available to come to the house the day we called. We liked how thorough you were on your first visit – assessing the entire outside surroundings of the house and then going up into the attic spaces throughout the house. You were able to determine our problem. We like that you set the traps and came by frequently to check them to remove the rodent(s) and re-set the traps. We are very pleased with your professional services and feel confident that you have solved our rodent problem permanently. Thanks again.

Roger and Michelle H. – Viera

I am pleased to offer this recommendation on behalf of Animal Management of Brevard.

We are extremely happy with the recent animal management services provided for our home. Reggie was very responsive to our request for help. He delivered what he promised and more. He was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, honest and polite. I would comfortably rate the Animal Management of Brevard a Five (5) Star rating and highly recommend Animal Management of Brevard to my friends and neighbors.

David R. – Melbourne

Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service rendered at my home. Following an estimate from one of your competitors, we decided to call you for a comparison visit and estimate. I wasn’t comfortable dealing with the first service call. The price quoted was ridiculously high and I didn’t appreciate the scare tactic?

We felt relieved by your efficient and calm manner with the situation. No “scare tactics”! You were very thorough in assessing the premises and generous in sharing your expert knowledge of your business. Furthermore your quote was almost half of the first!

You answer the calls immediately and show up when you say you will! That is not only very professional but very much appreciated!

I’m so glad we decided to use your company and I would strongly recommend you to family, friends and neighbors. Thank you Reggie!

Bill and Silvia R. – Viera

I appreciated your quick response to our call. You did a thorough review and inspection of our attic space and determined what was/had been occurring and provided a recommended solution. Once agreed, you began work promptly (that afternoon) and completed the agreed-to work within the specified schedule (i.e. 3 days). You were thorough, did not leave any messes, cleaned up the work area and in general did an excellent job. You kept us well informed of your progress as well as your plans for completion. We enjoyed your friendly demeanor and your commitment to job completion. Thank you! P.S. Still no noises above my wife’s office!

Robert M. – Melbourne

Thank you very much! Good Work!

Emilia S. – Palm Bay, FL

Great Job! On Top! On Time! I have any type of animal problems, you are the one I will call. Thank you again!

Larry W. – Merritt Island, Florida

We left for a week right after you repaired the roof but since we’ve gotten home I haven’t heard anything. I’ll let you know!!

Debbie F. — Melbourne, FL

The service from Animal Management of Brevard was outstanding and sensitive to a woodpecker that came into our house via the chimney.

Toni & Dick – Melbourne, Florida

Thanks for your quick response last Friday. No more noises in the attic! Our roofer said the patch was very secure and would be fine until the permanent repair could be done.

Frank D. – Indialantic, FL

Great job, sorry the animal was so well hidden. The smell is almost gone now. We thank you for patching the suspicious holes in the roofline. You were very thorough and respectful in your work. We will recommend you. I’m glad you liked the cookies!

Robert & Beverly C. – Melbourne, FL

I am very happy with my choice to hire Reggie of Animal Management of Brevard; he was prompt, friendly, pricing his work fairly. He did a wonderful job! And I might add clean-up. He also checked back to see how the metal mesh and mortar barrier was working against the squirrel problem. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, sincerely.

Barbara M. – Melbourne, Florida

Knowledgeable, persistent, patient, and reliable; Solved the problem and guaranteed the work.

Patrick P. – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

We are extremely satisfied with your trapping of the raccoons. If I find any more around I will be certainly contacting you. Thank you again,

Randi N. – Merritt Island, Florida

Thank you for your prompt service and neat and timely repairs to our roof entry points. We were very pleased with the quality of work and feel at ease knowing we have the protection of a plan if we ever need to call. Thanks again.

Sam & Dom G. – Melbourne Beach, FL

Reggie was very professional. He responded to our needs in a timely manner, identified the problems and quickly took care of them. He offered us suggestions and alternatives so we could choose what fit our budget and needs. I would definitely recommend him and use him again in the future.

Laura W. & George R. – Palm Bay, FL

I wanted to thank you for responding to our request to inspect our attic for rodents. We were able to schedule an inspection within a few days. You were extremely thorough in inspecting our attic, roof and surrounding areas. You were knowledgeable as to where the rodents were coming in and how to keep them out. I can’t thank you enough and highly recommend you to anyone with these problems. Also the charge was very reasonable.

Robbin N. – Melbourne, Florida

Thank you. No more noises from the attic – Samson and I can now sleep safe – Merry Christmas.

Hannah R. – Indialantic, FL

Reggie is a very pleasant guy and responded in the same day to my request fix it so varmints can’t get into attic. He found the holes and plugged them up in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. I could not ask for more.

Suzanne W. – Melbourne, FL

Bob and I want to thank you for the work you did ridding our home of rodents. You returned my telephone calls quickly and answered all my questions. The work you did to close up the access the rats had to our attic was very neat and thorough. You came out promptly the same day I called to remove the snapped traps and reset them. After the initial removal on the first day of the rodents our attic has been free and clear of those pesky, destructive rats. One of our neighbors strongly recommended you and I am so glad and lucky he did. And, I have already recommended you to several of my neighbors.

J’Anna P. – Melbourne Beach, Florida

Looks good so far. Only one trap fired & caught 1 rodent. The other 2 still as they were for the past 2 weeks—empty & set! Thanks again.

Timothy D. – Melbourne, FL

Reggie gave us prompt and professional service with positive results. His knowledge and experience resulted in our confidence in him and his products.

Harold F. – Indialantic, FL

Reggie was great! He went way beyond the call of duty! He was very knowledgeable in his field! He made sure we were well taken care of! His professional service was outstanding! I recommend him to everyone!

Hamid & Margaret R. – Indialantic, Florida

Overall excellent service, timely and thorough.

W.E.S. – Rockledge, FL

I really appreciate the outstanding service I received from Reggie. I was impressed with the quick response and how Reggie took the time needed to solve the problem. I also became more educated on the rodent issue so it will not happen again. I would definitely recommend Animal Management to my family, friends, etc.

Kathy S. – Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

Reggie did a terrific job! He arrived quickly—took a very little time to locate the dead animal—and removed the animal. Reggie was very efficient and very personable. I would highly recommend Reggie if this service is required.

John M. – Melbourne, FL

I had noises in my attic for several days. I was hoping whatever was up there would go away. But that didn’t happen. I had saved a post card from Animal Management that I received a long time ago. I called and spoke with Reggie, and he came to my house that same afternoon. He asked several questions: where I heard the noise, what time of day did I hear it, etc. He went up in the attic, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. The next day he went onto the roof and started to close up all the entry points, and there were many. He worked several hours a day, in extreme heat, for five days. By the second day I didn’t hear any more noise in the attic. It’s been about two weeks now and all is quiet. Reggie was a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and took all the time to answer questions I had, and he’s a nice guy. If anyone has noises in the attic, I highly recommend you call Reggie; he will solve your problem.

Gene G. – Satellite Beach, Florida

I am happy to report no return of the raccoon mama. Lucy and I have not heard any unusual noises in the attic, nor have I noticed any damage to the points of ingress repaired by you. Thank you very much for a job well done.

Jerry B. – Merritt Island, FL

Reggie was very helpful and understanding about the problem I was having with raccoons. The raccoons are gone and he covered all possible entrances to the attic through the roof, where not even a squirrel can get through. We are very pleased with the thorough work that he did. I would recommend him to anyone.

Ralph T. – Port St. John

Great job of getting rid of the animals in our attic. I would recommend Reggie to remove rodents or any type of animal from anyone’s home. Very knowledgeable on all aspects associated with animal removal. Very highly recommended!

Chris A. – Melbourne Beach, Florida

Very personable and Reggie comes when you need him most!

Nicki A. – Melbourne Beach, Florida

I have been very well pleased with services provided by Animal Management for many years. Any time an issue has arisen, Animal Management has responded promptly and effectively. Impressively, the annual warranties have always been honored, in spite of my maintenance of numerous bird feeders.

Linda A. – Suntree

Very prompt – outstanding job – would recommend to others.

Tom G – Melbourne, FL

Reggie with Animal Management of Brevard spent many hours fixing a problem another person did not finish. Reggie was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I will always refer Animal Management of Brevard to all of my friends, family and neighbors!!

Alicia Y. – Palm Bay, Florida

Reggie took care of our raccoon problem quickly and efficiently. Since them, we haven’t had any problems. Reggie is knowledgeable and very thorough.

Sonja B. – Melbourne, FL

Excellent Service! Fast response (next day service), Thorough inspection, Obviously knowledgeable. Willing to look throughout the house, even in hard to access areas. Provided very useful information on how to prevent future problems. Provided a “Help Line” phone number for any questions in the future. Great service, fair price, and most of all; fixed our problem.

Gary B. – Merritt Island, FL

As someone with a severe phobia of rodents, I truly appreciate the services provided by Reggie at Animal Management of Brevard. When I discovered tree rats had moved into our attic he handled the problem professionally and with compassion regarding my fears. He is patient and knowledgeable – but more importantly…trustworthy!

Kimberly F. – Merritt Island, FL

I called Reggie after hearing animals in my crawl space under my home for several nights. Reggie of Animal Management of Brevard came over promptly and he answered all of my questions and explained to me my options. He was honest and suggested things best for my situation instead of what was just best for him. He is extremely knowledgeable and highly recommended by me!

Rusty – Rockledge, Florida

Can you just imagine that the day before you are leaving your vacation home, you discover rats in your attic? I asked my neighbor if they ever had rats and who did they use. Animal Management of Brevard was their reply. I called Reggie and explained my situation. He was out within 2 hours. He inspected my attic. Yes, I did have rats. He did a walk around of my house, pointing out possible entry points. He further explained to me that rats can climb up the stucco exterior and trees are generally not the problem, as one local resident “expert” thought. He provided me with a verbal resume: Viet Nam vet; worked for another extermination company; studied local nuisance animals and their habits; developed effective strategies to target, trap, remove, and prevent their return into the structure; opened his own company.

He showed me where he had placed the traps. I showed my neighbor also, as he was going to check them and call Reggie if any were sprung or had caught a rat for him to come out re-bait or remove the offender. He explained how and what he was going to do to seal up all the suspect entry/exit points. He came back later in the day to do that.

The next day driving back to CT, he sends me a text that one down and more to go!

Don’t shop around! My wife says money well spent!

If you want peace of mind and someone who knows what they are doing, then this is the guy to call.

Emil B. – Melbourne Beach, FL

We are extremely satisfied with his prompt Service-Great personality, friendly and returns our emergency calls. He’s always a pleasure.

Barbara K. – Suntree, FL

Excellent Service. Completely satisfied with the quality of work. Highly recommend.

Nancy T. – Rockledge, Florida

Reggie was very professional. He is an expert in this field. He was quick to solve our problem. He was prompt and on time. Thank you.

Tony S. – Palm Bay, FL

I found Animal Management of Brevard online. His website was very informative.

Reggie was on time kept each appointment time. He was very informative knows his business. He quickly assessed the situation solved the problem. He even did a follow-up with us to make sure the job was done no problems. Thanks so much!

Barbara S. – Palm Bay, FL

I must say, I have been very happy with the professionalism dependability in my experience with Animal Management. You have taken care of a problem that was out of my control and made my home safe secure once more.

Timi W. – Palm Bay, Florida

Thank you for all your help in removing the squirrels safely from our business rooftop. You provided excellent service and diligently worked towards the removal with compassion and care. We will recommend your service to anyone who needs it in the future. Kind regards,

Khaled J. – Melbourne, FL

Thank you to Animal Management of Brevard.

When I signed up with Animal Management of Brevard my attic had all kinds of critters living up there due to poorly installed roof soffits. Reggie was there every day to remove what was up there and deodorized the area from what the critter left behind. He also shored up the roof soffits so nothing else got in. Since then he has been back to make sure that the house is secure and free from anything else trying to come back in. I would highly recommend Animal Management of Brevard for their work. They are prompt and efficient in their job, as well as courteous and professional.

Cecelia A. – Merritt Island, FL

Reggie has a great response time and always spends as much time as needed to get to the bottom of issues. I highly recommend Animal Management!

Coleen S. – Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

We would rate your service as excellent.
We contacted you because of a rat problem. You made arrangements for an on sight inspection within hours of our call. Your inspection was thorough & informative. You gave instructions. You called the next day to check up & insure we were satisfied.

Jeff & Lynn P. – Merritt Island, FL

Animal Mgmt. of Brevard has provided excellent service at all times, whether by appointment or for emergency service. Reggie has always been there for us when needed – even late at night; he is on call! The service provided has always been professional and timely and has solved & prevented all our rodent problems. We would recommend him to anyone! He really is only a phone call away!

Bob and Rhonda — Melbourne, FL

Very thorough & professional Prompt & responsive each & every visit. Trustworthy. Does what he promises. Delivers good end result. Very reasonably priced

Maureen H.– Viera, FL

I look forward to more visits from you and less visits from the critters. Thanks for your help in getting better nights of sleep.

Bob S.–Melbourne, FL

AMB is “5 STAR” in everything. Reggie is the Best.

Sandra E.—Indian Harbour Beach, FL

I believe that Reggie is very educated in the animals he is working with. I wish that he could have caught the raccoon as he talked to it on my roof but…that was not to be. $90.00 and two raccoons later he got it. Reggie was friendly, personable and easy to work with. I will recommend him to others.

Donna R.—Melbourne, Florida

After you installed the wire mesh screening over the wooden air vent, squirrels that once were all over the home, moved to another area. Thanks very much for solving a bad problem.

~Vincent D., Palm Bay, Florida

Reggie went above and beyond with repairing damage to a soffit by a raccoon. When pricing, I don’t believe he anticipated the difficulty he would have, but he persevered ‘til late in the evening. Thank you. He does seem knowledgeable in the handling of unwanted rodents.

We appreciate your hard work and quick response to our call.

~Rose C., Melbourne, FL

Very good work. Good work ethic and followed through on job.

~ W.P., Brevard County, FL

We had Reggie come to our house and evaluate our soffit due to a hole that a racoon may have used to get into our attic. He did an excellent job and showed me several areas where animals and/or insects could get inside. He spent the better part of a day animal-proofing our house to our great satisfaction. I highly recommend Reggie and would use him again if the need ever arose.

~R.W., Brevard County, FL

Reggie arrived on time. Very professional. Gave me preventative tips. Came same day I called for assistance.

~A.H., Cocoa Beach, FL

Very nice professional job. Reggie left our area neat & clean. We have had no animal problems since, and feel secure that our attic space is sealed up against any invaders.

~K.R. Brevard County, FL

Thorough, neat, clean, rapid follow up.

~K.K., Brevard County, FL

Reggie was very informative and thorough with methodology. He took care of the issues first time and was active in his follow up. I recommend “The Attic Specialist” for your critter issues.

~B.N., Brevard County, FL

You did a good job. I would recommend you. You listened to my concern and you took care of the problem ASAP. Thank you.

~ R.N., Brevard County, FL

It was a pleasure to meet & work with you – Haven’t seen a rat since your visit!

~ L.C., Brevard County, FL

Thank you for your wonderful service! You were a true pleasure to deal with. We trusted you in our house and never had to worry about your honesty or integrity-rare to find these days. After you finished all of your work we felt like you were a member of the family. We will Highly recommend you to our friends! Thank you Reggie for all of your dedication & hard work to solving our animal problem!

~N.P., Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

I am not in the habit of endorsing a service provider unless I am completely satisfied with the entire experience with the provider. That being said, I am happy to say my experience with Animal Management of Brevard more than met my standards.

Reggie is a knowledgeable professional who informed me of the habits of local pests that sometimes end up in people’s attics. He laid out a plan of action that was logical and direct. He made a thorough inspection of my flat tile roof and found a number of points of possible entry and egress. These openings were not obvious to the untrained eye but knowing where to look is where the experience and knowledge of the provider shows.

All openings were properly sealed in a permanent manner. I say that because I had prior experience with fixes that did not last. I was very impressed with Reggie’s work ethic. He is old school and believes either do it right or do not do it at all. He spent a good deal of time doing it right.

Reggie is a personable man and a Viet Nam veteran who I recommend to anyone needing animal pest services.

~R.P., Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

Yes, I would refer you to others. You showed me pictures of my problems & then again photos of your corrections of things in the attic. You showed me what you did on the outside and explained how that would prevent further damage.

~C.B., Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Dear Reggie, you are a great Animal Catcher!!! In 3 minutes, you caught that nasty cat. I would recommend you to everybody and you didn’t harm the cat. You answered all my questions and I would call you again. Thank you very much for you GREAT HELP.

~M.B, Palm Bay, FL

Great job. Reggie was there within 45 minutes. Job was done with no mess and done professionally.

Thanks Reggie. Hope we don’t see you again real soon, but you are definitely on my Rolodex. The Chimney cap was replaced.

~B.W., West Melbourne, Florida

Reggie – thanks for coming out last month to check out my attic – and for bringing the soffit issue to my attention. Appreciate the peace of mind!

~K.R., Suntree, Florida

We were very pleased with Reggie. We felt he was very honest. We had two other people come but when Reggie came, we felt he was the one to solve our problem. We would recomment Reggie, also Animal Management.

~D.P., Palm Bay, Florida

I think you are awesome! I’ve been battling with critters in my attic for years and you are the only one who solved the problem, at a price I thought was very reasonable for all the work that was involved! You were on time and even worked on Sunday to complete the job! Who does that? Your follow up “thank you” note was also a nice touch and much appreciated. I would happily and exuberabtly recommend you to anyone who needed your services.

~A.R., Palm Bay, FL

I was delighted with the service you provided. I was literally being driven crazy by the noises in my attic and was so happy to find your advertisement… I was impressed that you took the time to do a thorough survey of the attice and to photograph your findings, which you shared with me. You found sufficient evidence.. that there was not only a raccoon, but babies as well. You then went on the roof and discovered their point of entry. You then designed a strategy for trapping the mother by setting a trap where you felt she would walk in her quest to find food at night. To my surprise, by the following morning, I was able to call you to advise that there was an animal in the trap.

You showed me that she was a nursing mother. You advised that the babies were likely to follow the scent of the mother and make their way out. About a week later one baby was found by my front door scratching to get in. You came and collected it About a week later the remaining three babies broke out of the soffit at the front of the house and all fell into the flower bed. I discovered all three huddled together on the window sill. You collected them, after photographing them. I would unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone needing this service. You are indeed the Raccoon Whisperer.

~V.U., Palm Bay, FL

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